The Daily Schedule

The title is a kind of joke; I wrote a song called The Daily Schedule shortly before I quit music, or as I now call it, went crazy.  Today I am writing about my day.  We went to an album release show for Shannon Entropy last night and stayed up well past the time I lay down in a poor attempt to sleep.  These “attempts” result in me staring at the ceiling for hours until the Sandman pays me a visit.  When we pulled into our parking spot at 1am, I tilted my head back glancing at the stars and whispered how content my body was to be awake during it’s “normal” hours.  There was no resistance, no tension, I was happy and relaxed, it was good.

Well, Monday happened and I am now sitting here with a beer.  Work was what it always is, work.   But, it is so nice to come home, and feel ok, because last night I was allowed to react naturally and BE rather than force myself into a schedule that I know doesn’t work: Here is an excerpt from my song The Daily Schedule…

When did it become so bad, or really did I just go mad

Don’t stop the drink, to tell me what you think

I work my hours pay my dues, cater to the stress, do you?

Don’t ignore the next request, sitting on my chest

But that’s not what worries me to death

The coffee’s on I’m in the shower, stay awake for ten more hours

Computer flashes a blue screen, takes all you have not to scream

Or throw it out the door, what’s it good anymore?

Don’t say the word retirement, it’s just another death sentence

But that’s not what worries me to death


Last night, this didn’t apply.  I propped myself up against the wall and felt the drums and bass vibrate the wall behind me.  I wondered through the crowd for photos, another hobby I’ve neglected. Most important I listened to a band who was ecstatic to showcase their work.  The next morning I was still light from the euphoric feeling of being near music in late hours.  Even though I worked overtime, and negative Nancy’s attempted too, I couldn’t be brought down from feeling happy.

My final thought is “Oh the things I want to change and need too.”




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