How Do You Feel?

Right now there are so many goals, I’m having a difficult time balancing it all.

For my soul, these are my goals:

.Health {I need to take better care of my body}

..Music {Create and make more of it}

…Marriage {Always.}

For my [circumstantial] living:

.House {I want one. Landlords suck}

..Chores {Why can’t my house stay clean for a day}

…Career {If you know a place needing a gal, call me}

Every single day I think about these six things at least once, they are a weight in some format because each requires movement, progress, and deserve to be functional in my life.  I’m not sure I’ve made any progress on any of them since moving back west.  I think Health and Music take the lead, I’ve worked on them the most.  But, not as much as I would like.

Working 40+ hours a week, I try to make it to 2 classes a week for a yoga related activity.  Maybe you’ve noticed the lack of music videos recently?  Yepp.  And I haven’t written nearly enough either.  My house is a wreck, and the hope of buying land or house is so far reached.  I can’t decide where to focus my career but need too because I want to go back to school. Overall though I want to know; am I alone?  Does anyone else feel the pressure to balance their life after working 40+ hours at a job, and figuring out it feels as impossible as a pig flying?

It is as if there’s this table, you either clean the kitchen to make dinner or go play guitar and write.  But there’s not enough time for both.

This bothers me.

Peace out, for now, love each other.


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