Take Care {written Sunday afternoon}

This morning I attended my first yoga class.  Although I’ve practiced yoga on and off over the years, I’ve always done it in the cheapest way possible (hi there YouTube).  Today was a little bit different in a sense, this organization has some additional classes attached to it for cardio and core strength training.   But, what I was really happy about was that I did it! I stepped into an unknown space, with strangers, and allowed myself to relax.  When the session was over, I realized how much my mind and body has been acting like anxieties drop cloth covered in filth.

My body and I have not been getting along, and I really need to get my health back on track.  Recently my joints are tingling and I can feel inflammation in my wrists.  I hold my breath, for way longer periods than I should.  But worst of all, it is difficult for me to control my reactions to my emotions.  I think we all feel that way at times, but these episodes send me into a state of loneliness.  Let alone, I’m not satisfied with my body as it is.  I eat well enough and as consciously as I can, but I’ve been needing to implement an exercise routine to tone and tune it back up.  I don’t know how much beginner yoga counts, but it’ll have to for now because my mind needs to learn how to destroys all these anxiety blocks living within me.  That sounds really weird, but that’s what it feels like…mini walls and fortresses designed to keep the good out, and all the chaos in.

Yes, friends, another goal is in place for my life right next to my art and music.   This is big for me, this is time, this is money, this is making something I’ve ignored for so long a priority.  I want to be able to lift my body, stretch, and endure…  Endure what life plans to throw at me next.  So here we go:

}Exercise for strength in body and mind{

My favorite part of today’s class was the variety of bodies there.  Each one of us different in age, build, and type.  But everyone had one thing in common; smiles.

So, my dear friends, I hope you are well and happy.  If you aren’t, I hope you have the energy and means to help yourself out of that hole.  You are worth it.  I wish more people would tell each other that so I am going to try to more.  You are worthy of love, the best kind.



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