The Pending Believer

I wandered into a guitar shop, I had this odd craving to test a new guitar and listen to a new sound. Most shops have a special place for acoustics, this one had two rooms filled with those lines and curves that I love.  As I sat there with a beautiful Martin in my lap a boy walked in.  We made eye contact, and there was a sound…When I switched the guitars out we exchanged pleasantries about the guitar he had, the guitar I wanted,  his friend was there too obviously wanting to leave but gifting me a smile.  He shifted towards the exit as we told each other to have a great day.  I had just sat down with another guitar when he rushed back into the room apologizing but saying he had to say this.

“He loves you, whatever doubt you are feeling, He loves you.”  The sound of instinct rang, and it was ringing true.

His name was Jessee. He left, and I cried.

I love genuine people who are the messengers.  This was exactly what I needed to hear.



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